Kardashian Bestie Simon Huck Is Selling You Beer and Shampoo

Mr. Huck has been the sole owner of his company since 2012, when he bought out his partner, Jonathan Cheban, the reality TV star. He now employs seven and travels frequently, often watching his deals come to life — hey, there’s Neil Patrick Harris for Heineken Light! — on the television screen of an airport lounge or hotel room.

“It’s the most gratifying feeling, to see it all come together,” he said.

If Mr. Huck is awake, he is working, phone in hand — even when vacationing in Greece or in the Middle East with Mrs. Kardashian West. “He could be on a camel in Egypt reciting a paragraph from the contract,” said Carla Laur, a commercial endorsement agent at Creative Artists Agency who has worked on dozens of deals with Command Entertainment Group.

Mr. Huck suggested his dedication arises from mistrusting his good fortune. “I still have moments where I feel like someone is going to pull the rug from under me and be like, ‘You actually have to go to law school,’” he said. “It sometimes all feels like a dream.”

The seeds of success were sown during a snowstorm in 2005, when he was taking a break from studying political science at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, and flipping through the pages of US Weekly. The high-profile publicist Lizzie Grubman had been spotted making out with the singer John Mayer at the New York City hot spot Marquee.

“I went home, spent 24 hours on Google researching everything about P.R. and found Lizzie’s number,” Mr. Huck said.

Two days later he was in Manhattan for the first time.

Wearing a shiny khaki suit and square-toed Diesel shoes, Mr. Huck, positive he looked “so New York,” was given two minutes with Ms. Grubman’s chief financial officer.

“I was bumbling all over the place,” Mr. Huck said. “I left the office and I remember doing a Myspace upload in the elevator.”

One hour later, Mr. Cheban, then Ms. Grubman’s partner, called him to…

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