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Consumer Routers Report Concludes: It’s a Market of Lemons
Study Shows Once Again Router Deficiencies and Blithe Vendors

July 17, 2017    

Photo: Tony Hisgett (Flickr/CC)

A new study into the state of consumer routers by Carnegie Mellon University researchers is unsparing in its criticism: It’s a market of lemons, and virtually all of the test models have security problems.

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That won’t come as news to those in computer security, but it underscores the increasing warnings about the internet of things, the catch-all term for computer devices with internet connectivity.

“The sheer volume of vulnerabilities in routers demands a new approach.” 

The researchers knew they were heading into a well-trod area, but they hoped their study “may provide clear metrics” about the ‘lemon market’ effect.” That’s the term for how quality products disappear from a market, driving down prices and quality.

The sheer volume of vulnerabilities in routers demands a new approach, one that could more tightly watch router manufacturers and “help form a clearer picture of how…

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