Is a "cocktail" of "safe" pesticides killing off bees?

The past decade has been a rough one for honey bees in the United States. Bee colonies have been dying off in high numbers, with suspicion falling on agricultural pesticides like herbicides and fungicides, as main factors behind the declines. Now, a new study out of the University of Maryland is the first to look at how a “cocktail” of all of various pesticides could be impacting bee colonies over time. Past research has only examined these pesticides individually.

The study appeared online recently in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, and it reveals some unexpected findings.

“Our results fly in the face of one of the basic tenets of toxicology: that the dose makes the poison,” study senior author Dennis vanEngelsdorp, an assistant professor of entomology at the University of Maryland, said in a press release. “We found that the number of different compounds was highly…

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