Inside Jeremie, Haiti, devastated by Hurricane Matthew

JEREMIE, Haiti — More than a week after Matthew rampaged across Haiti, Elise Adette still has no idea if her family is alive. 


CBS News

She and her three-year-old daughter have been staying with neighbors waiting for word about her parents and brother.

Jeremie was devastated. Eighty percent of the city’s buildings have been damaged or destroyed. 

Jeff Jeanty had nowhere to go when the storm hit.

“The first house, the roof was lift. I called them, come in here, come in here. Then they come in,” Jeanty said.

Celise Alize and her three children survived after the roof of their house collapsed in the 145 mph winds.


Celise Alize and two of her children

CBS News

She didn’t have much before the…

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