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The Destiny 2 beta is set to kick off in waves, with PS4 pre-order customers getting first access on July 18.

Xbox One pre-order customers get access on July 19, while PC players will have to wait until August to have their go.

For those wondering on how to get a Destiny 2 beta code without pre-ordering, the answer to that is just to wait.

That’s because non-pre-ordering console players will have access to the Destiny 2 Beta beginning July 21, so there’s no real need to sweat it.

As you can imagine, the testing period will be filled with server issues as more people join, so get ready for some queuing later this week.

The beta comes to an end on July 23, although Bungie have yet to reveal the exact time.


Based on the other stat times, it would seem likely that 6pm would make for a tidy end slot.

However, Bungie may also want as much playing-data collected as possible, so an evening end time in the UK would make more sense.

Bungie have confirmed that players are not required to have an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Subscription to engage with the Destiny 2 Beta.

Players who have pre-ordered from a participating retailer will receive a 9-digit Early Access code, which must be redeemed on

It should also be noted that PlayStation 4 players will require 15 GB of free space to pre-load Destiny 2, while Xbox One players will need 12.8 GB.

How to retrieve the Destiny 2 Beta Client Download Code:

  1. Sign-in to – Create or sign into a account using PlayStation 4 or Xbox Live credentials
  2. Redeem the Early Access Pre-order Code – Enter the Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Code provided by the retailer on
  3. Retrieve the Destiny 2 Beta Download Code – visit your redeemed codes page on and select your console of choice
  4. Redeem the Destiny 2 Beta Client Download Code – Log into a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console to redeem the Destiny 2 Beta Client code

As you can imagine, the Destiny 2…

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