How Roger Goodell allowed a ‘leader’ to embarrass the NFL

Just because Roger Goodell doesn’t tell the truth doesn’t mean he’s a liar, does it? I’d prefer to suggest that the commissioner of the NFL is paid roughly $40 million a year to say things that are plainly untrue.

Among his whoppers:

“PSLs are good investments.” Gambling on NFL team-invested fantasy football operations “is not gambling.” His encouragement of excessive touchdown celebrations — showboating — will showcase players having “spontaneous fun.” His claim that the NFL is relentlessly good to the public because, “It’s all about our fans.”

Then there was this one, in early September, about Seattle defensive tackle and recidivist pain-in-the-arse Michael Bennett:

“Michael Bennett represents the best of the NFL — a leader on his team and in his community.”

Goodell’s proclamation followed Bennett’s claim that he was racially profiled by Las Vegas police after late August’s Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. As attendees filed out through a casino, chaos erupted. Toppled stanchions mimicked the sound of gunshots.

Responding to what was reported as an “active shooter,” two police officers logically stopped a man seen running from the scene and into traffic — Michael Bennett. He was stopped at gunpoint, handcuffed, detained, questioned, released.

But Bennett claimed he was stopped “for doing nothing more than being a black man in the wrong place.”

Michael BennettAP

The Vegas police held a news conference to vigorously dispute Bennett’s claim, insisting the officers were following trained procedure. The LVPD also noted neither of the officers who stopped Bennett are white.

But Goodell felt he knew better, enough to fully side with Bennett — a national anthem knee-taker, yet trash-talker and cheap-shot artist — as best of humanity within the NFL.

In the previous season, in a game against the Jets, Bennett was head-butted by Jets guard Brian Winters — leading to a flag, Winters’ self-inflicted…

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