How long can YOUR children expect to live? New figures show the SHOCKING differences in healthy lifespans across the country

  • ONS has compiled estimates for healthy lifespans of children born 2010-12
  • Show sharp variations across the UK, with some likely to live 15 years less
  • Dramatic differences within London, but other areas also differ widely   

James Tapsfield, Political Editor For Mailonline

Shocking differences in life expectancy have been revealed in new figures – with some children likely to have 15 more years of good health than others in neighbouring areas.

London has some of the most dramatic variations, with estimates for deprived boroughs like Tower Hamlets far below those of wealthy parts just miles away, such as Kingston-upon-Thames.

But there are also huge gulfs elsewhere – including Manchester, where children can expect to live a decade less in good health than in nearby Cheshire.

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