How are UK coins made? We visit Royal Mint to find out

Last year, I gave the Royal Mint a fair amount of stick for the way it was advertising commemorative coins and selling them to an unwitting public who didn’t know the true definition of ‘legal tender’.

Its chief executive shirked our interview request and This is Money readers were up in arms over the scandal. Another ‘con nailed by the Mail’ said one commentator.

Fast forward and I have a positive tale to reveal about Royal Mint: its new £9million visitor experience, which opened last May, is in my opinion, one of the best hidden gem attractions in Britain.

Visitor centre: The Royal Mint officially opened the centre last May – and it is a treasure trove of history

I was there, officially, visiting on the back of new Hollywood movie, Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey, which is out at cinemas this weekend.

But really, I was there to feed my new found numismatic…

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