Grief, Loss And Trauma – The Way To Realize Peace In A World Of "why?"


Pain and suffering are a part of the human experience. No one is exempt. Tragedies occur leaving us in shock and devastation. Diseases weaken and destroy bodies. The innocent are abused and exploited. Families are broken and hearts are shattered. Losses leave us to grieve and cry out from the depths of our souls, Why? This query is so often directed to the sole One who is aware of the answer. We tend to plead for God to help us to understand. We have a tendency to wish to know why He permits people to harm thus badly and suffer unjustly.

Not understanding why people must suffer is the rationale many folks question the love and sovereignty of God. They reason, “How will a loving God enable such evil? Being all-powerful He could easily stop it if He very cared.” Yet, their questions go unanswered and a few begin to drag faraway from God. Generally it’s for a season and typically it’s…


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