Graphic shows every eruption, earthquake and major emission since 1960

It is a stunning animation showing exactly how the earth moves.

Researchers at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History have unveiled the E3 map – showing eruptions, earthquakes and emissions.

The team behind it say the map is akin to watching the pulse of our planet.

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Blue dots signify tremors

Red triangles show volcanic activity

The animation emits a ‘ping’ with each earthshaking event.

You can view seismic events all at once, or stack up as the years go by.

Clicking on individual eruptions after 1978 will allow you to watch how the sulfur cloud appears and dissipates over time. 

‘Pretend that you’re an alien in a spacecraft above Earth,’ Elizabeth Cottrell, a research geologist at the National Museum of Natural History and the director of its Global Volcanism Program, told the Washington Post.

‘You are looking…

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