Grandmother gave birth to her own granddaughter as a surrogate to help her struggling family

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, 55-year-old Tracey could see her baby bump taking shape beneath her T-shirt. She felt a flurry of excitement: I can’t wait to meet my baby granddaughter, she thought.

This was no ordinary pregnancy. Most mums make huge sacrifices for their kids, but Tracey, who works in a dental practice, had definitely gone the extra mile. When her daughter Kelley, 32, had suffered several gruelling rounds of IVF and three miscarriages, Tracey knew she had to do something to help.

Mother and daughter had always been extremely close, with Kelley preferring to
stay by her side rather than go for sleepovers or nights out with her friends while she was growing up. Tracey watched her daughter blossom into a wonderful young woman, and was over the moon when she met the love of her life.

“When she met Aaron – who was the brother of one of her colleagues at the hair salon where she worked – in September 2009, I knew she’d found The One.”

The couple got married three years later and Tracey felt sure there would soon be good news of a pregnancy.

“Seeing Kelley with friends’ babies, I saw how much she wanted to be a mum and I knew she’d be just great,” explains Tracey.

But after trying for six months, Kelley and Aaron went for fertility testing in August 2013, and the couple were told that their chances of conceiving naturally were only 1%.

“My heart broke as I saw poor Kelley go through IVF and two miscarriages,” says Tracey. “The doctors couldn’t work out what was happening. It was devastating when she miscarried a third time, losing her baby boy on Christmas Day 2014 when he was seven weeks.”

Kelley and Aaron felt ready to go back to the doctor in January 2015 and took Tracey with them for support.

“I explained to the doctor that I just couldn’t go through another miscarriage. The idea of losing another baby like that was too painful to contemplate, so we talked about other options,” says Kelley.

Huge gift

The doctor…

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