Gorilla gives tourists the middle finger after they interrupt his meal 

Nobody likes to be disturbed during their meals – and this gorilla hilariously shows his annoyance as observers photograph it eating its dinner.

Hilarious pictures and video show the huge six-foot, 400-pound silverback gorilla cheekily raise his middle finger while perfectly timing his fart as a show of displeasure at the intrusion.

It has far from the desired affect for him though as the photographers can be heard laughing out loud. 

Chewing on a piece of grass, several cameras can be heard going off as it finishes a mouthful.

Just as he does, the ape inadvertently sticks its middle finger in the air and waves it around while letting out a very audible fart.

A man off-camera can be heard saying ‘Yeah, that just about sums it up, guys.’

The footage was captured in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda, by British retiree and amateur photographer Ken Haley, who is originally from…

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