Gables Exceptional Dentistry Now Offering CEREC® Dentistry

Patients who need a dental crown, but do not have the time for multiple visits can now use CEREC® dentistry for a one-day dental crown.

Gables Exceptional Dentistry now offers patients the opportunity for same-day dental crowns with CEREC®. More often than not, patients who need a new dental crown will have to make multiple appointments over the span of several days or even weeks before completing the treatment. Fortunately, Gables Exceptional Dentistry has the necessary tools to provide the dental crown in the same day.

Known as “One-Visit Dentistry,” CEREC® is revolutionizing how patients receive dental crowns. We take digital images of the teeth in order to determine the exact size and place of the dental crown. We can find the exact spot to place the crown and ensure that it is a perfect fit. We will use CEREC® to create the dental crown.

With this technology, we will create a computerized image of the tooth with the exact dimensions and develop a blueprint for the dental crown. The team at Gables Exceptional Dentistry will ensure the patient’s comfort during the process and help the patient gain a dental crown that fits and does not cause the patient any pain.

By using CEREC®, patients will be able to simply schedule one appointment without having to drastically alter their schedule. The procedure itself is quick since we take a 3D image of the teeth and know exactly where to place the crown. Patients will be able to leave with a fully-functional and natural looking dental crown that provides comfort.

The dental crown will not require any complex hygiene routines on the patient’s behalf either. Thus, the patient will be able to leave with a new dental crown after only one visit and spend less time worrying about the crown throughout…

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