Flooding threat grows in Algonquin as Fox River continues to rise


Even though river levels are receding for some flood victims Monday, the disaster grows for others.

The latest threat is to residents in the Algonquin area, where the Fox River is expected to crest at 12 and a half feet by Tuesday, flooding even more homes. It is expected to stay at 12 and a half feet through Wednesday and is not expected to drop below flood stage through the weekend.

Monday morning, the Fox River in Algonquin was churning and still rising. Water covered backyards and seeped into garages and basements.

People who live on the water are desperately trying to protect their property, but so much cannot be saved.

“All our things are destroyed. It’s just kind of heartbreaking,” said flood victim Sarah Harris.

On Willow Street, Phillip Barnes is hoping sandbags with plastic covering will be the first and final line of defense against the surge.

“Nothing ruined. Thanks to the village and the neighbors, everyone has come down to help and taught us how to do it so it doesn’t leak,” he said.

But Barnes is not taking any chances. He’s spent the last five days working from his patio, monitoring pumps and the water taking over his backyard

On Sunday, Gov. Bruce Rauner toured the damage in Algonquin. He also added Cook County to the state disaster proclamation, which provides state resources – including sandbags, sand, pumps, trucks and other heavy equipment — to those impacted by the flooding. On Friday, Rauner issued a disaster proclamation for Kane, Lake and McHenry counties.

Rauner also urged people to evacuate their communities if local law enforcement asks them to.

“We cannot force people to leave their homes. People are tough, if they experienced a flood before, often they don’t want to leave. But we are making a strong request, if local officials have asked for evacuations, please honor their request. Please leave. Keep your family safe, do not stay if an evacuation is called for,” Governor Rauner said.

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