Field Nimble and Customer Lobby Join Forces to Help Small Contractors Retain Customers

Field Nimble and Customer Lobby have teamed up to help small home services contractors retain their customers and increase repeat business. Together, the software companies enable plumbing, HVAC and electrical shop owners to automatically stay in touch with their homeowners when they’re most likely to need service, saving the business significant time and money.

“Repeat business is the backbone of growing the value of a contractor’s customer base,” said Ted Paff, CEO at Customer Lobby. “Without seeing ongoing branding and timely reminders, homeowners may choose someone else for their next install or service. Believe it or not, branded and personalized postcards really stand out in today’s saturated online market. Follow-up emails reinforce the message and make it easy for homeowners to schedule an appointment.”

“Service Agreements, while great for locking in routine maintenance, only cover a portion of past customers,” said Gregory Dooley, President of Field Nimble. “There are so many contractor listing web sites peeling away customers who forget who they did business with. If a service business continues leaking customers, they’ll never grow that stable, dependable cash flow from satisfied homeowners who keep saying “yes” every time.”

Field Nimble captures up-to-date homeowner contact info and feeds invoicing and payment info to QuickBooks. Customer Lobby integrates with QuickBooks and analyzes the data to figure out which customers are most likely to need service, and then sends personalized postcards and emails to drive repeat visits.

“By targeting the most likely repeat customers – instead of blasting your entire customer base – contractors can actually save lots of money,” added Dooley. “A contractor raises to the top of the list because he’s gotten the homeowner’s…

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