Fashion trend in the Coming Summer

   Along with the thaw of snow, the winter is fading away and spring has already been at the corner. Fashion is a topic that always walks before the time. Thus, it is the right time for us to explore the fashion on this summer.

Let’s talk about the fashion from the head. This summer must be a colorful season, for people have been absorbed in coloring hair. What’s more, the very point is that those trend-setters dye their hair with more than one kind of light colors. It is a totally new trend. However, this bold attempt has attracted many people’s eyeballs, especially those who walk in the trend of cutting-edge. Actually, dying hair colorfully makes this summer more multicolored and lively. If you want to be different in this summer, then colorful hair will be a nice try. 

 Another key word in this summer must be “dress”. This “dress wind” began from the winter….

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