Family First Intervention Announces Launch of Newly Redesigned Website

Using the newly updated website, the addiction specialists at Family First Intervention hope to continue to spread awareness and information about drug addiction treatment to families across the country.

Family First Intervention, a nationwide organization that specializes in educating families about alcohol and drug abuse treatment, is proud to announce the launch of its new website. The site now features a more modern look, enhanced navigation and new downloadable resources.

These additions are designed to make it easy for families of addicts to find reliable information about planning an intervention. Any questions that visitors may have about organizing an intervention or working with a professional can be answered via the website as well.

Mike Loverde, President and Founder of Family First Intervention, knows just how important access to intervention information can be. A former heroin addict himself, he attributes his recovery to his family’s expanding their knowledge about addiction and treatment.

“After intervention education, my family would no longer let me manipulate them. They stopped listening to my lies and started strategizing to get me into treatment,” said Mike, recalling how his family put its foot down and wouldn’t budge until he took serious steps toward recovery.

Visitors to the revamped site will be able to access extensive information about interventions, addiction and how a substance abuse problem can affect the entire family. Additionally, Family First’s latest eBook is now available for download. The publication, titled, “Ego & Addiction: Why Families Enable Addicts and Derail Interventions,” provides an in-depth explanation of how family dynamics change when a loved one is revealed to be…

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