Fall seen as peak time for sports-related concussions

There was a 71% increase in rough-sports-related concussions reported by Blue Cross Blue Shield medical claims data since 2010 for patients ages 10 to 19. Fall, when football, rugby and soccer are traditionally played, is the peak time for these injuries, the report noted, and boys were twice as likely to be concussed than girls.

Overall, patients ages 10 to 19 are five times more likely to be diagnosed with a concussion than all other age groups combined.

Concussion rates vary quite a bit by state, but the reasons are not understood.

“More study on the differences in state regulations, their implementation, participation rates in contact sports, and local health care utilization patterns is needed to understand the reasons for the variations,” Blue Cross Blue Shield explained in the report.

The steep rise in concussion diagnoses in the United States has prompted state legislation….

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