Faith and Hope of Loving God” Delves into Calvinist Christianity to Answer Key Biblical Questions

“Chosen by God by Choosing Jesus: Faith and Hope of Loving God”: an exploration of Calvinism and the true Biblical meaning of “chosen.” “Chosen by God by Choosing Jesus: Faith and Hope of Loving God” is the creation of published author, Peter Chang, a semi-retired businessman who graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Divinity at Faith International University in Tacoma, Washington. His wife, Julie, and he have two children. They live in Seattle, Washington and Reno, Nevada.

“Are you a newlywed, or is your child asking you for a baby brother or sister? If you believe in Calvinism, you have to think really hard before making a decision to have a baby. It is Russian roulette with eternal consequence. It teaches that God creates humans for two distinct purposes.” –Peter Chang

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Peter Chang’s new book explores key Biblical questions of the salvation of the sinners and the sanctification of the saints that arises from the Calvinist perspective.

Calvinism has been the most dominant doctrine of conservative Christianity for the past five hundred years. It teaches that Jesus Christ died and shed blood for only a “chosen” few. It teaches the choice of eternal life and death have already been predetermined for all by the perfect and pleasurable will of the absolute ruler of the universe and beyond.

One must ask whether that is truly what the Scripture says, whether free will matters in the Calvinistic world of deterministic fatalism, and whether the Calvinistic God is good. Author Peter Chang tackles the mystery of where and how God’s sovereign determinism and human freedom to choose to intertwine in…

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