EzPaycheck 2017 Software From Halfpricesoft.com Updated With July Income Tax Changes For IL

Simple and affordable ezPaycheck payroll software for small business

Programmers have updated ezPaycheck 2017 in July to abide by newly released income tax changes by the state Illinois.

Halfpricesoft.com developers have updated ezPaycheck 2017 payroll software in July to abide by the latest changes to Illinois income tax rates. Anytime tax changes or form changes come about with any software application, the Halfpricesoft.com programmers updates immediately and at no cost to current customers!

According to the state of Illinois, beginning July 1, income tax rates increase as follows:

  • For individuals, trusts, and estates, the Illinois Income tax is increasing from 3.75 percent to 4.95 percent.
  • For Corporations (excluding S corporations), the Illinois Income Tax is increasing from 5.25 percent to 7 percent.

“Programmers have updated ezPaycheck 2017 in July to abide by newly released income tax changes by the state Illinois.” explains Dr. Ge, President and Founder of halfpricesoft.com

Priced at $89 per installation (per calendar year), ezPaycheck 2017 is affordable for any small business.

ezPaycheck 2017 is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and other Windows systems. Customers seeking a way to simplify payroll processing with more accuracy can go online to http://www.halfpricesoft.com/payroll_software_download.asp and download the payroll accounting software.

The unique features include:

  • Prints payroll checks on blank computer checks or preprinted checks.
  • Automatically calculates Federal Withholding Tax, Social Security, Medicare Tax and Employer Unemployment Taxes.

-Includes built-in tax tables for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

  • Creates and maintains payrolls…

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