Exclusive Interview with Rusty Nixon on Residue

Residue is a dark and twisty supernatural crime thriller, with some horror elements. The story follows a private investigator who gets his hand a book of sinister origins, unaware that it is actually a highly sought-after supernatural artifact. Criminals pursue him in search of the book, hoping to use its dark power for their own agendas. We caught up with writer-director Rusty Nixon to ask him about the movie and how he assembled such a kickass cast (William B. Davis and Matt Frewer to name a couple).

Dread Central: The idea of a supernatural noir is not unheard of – I cite Cast A Deadly Spell, and its sequel Witch Hunt – but it’s pretty rare. So what made you decide to go ahead and make one as a feature?

Rusty Nixon: My dad was a cop, then a private investigator in his retirement. My brother-in-law’s a cop. Just been around that my whole life so I really took to the film noir in film school. And I’ve always loved horror movies. So I’m watching Double Indemnity and Evil Dead and just thinking this is a match made in heaven to me.

DC: Tell us a bit about who’s in the movie, and how your cast came together – it’s a rather large ensemble, but each character is given their due – did they audition or did you just enjoy their previous work?

RN: A bit of both. I’d worked with James Clayton on Candiland. His character was supposed to lose a lot of weight and I was looking into ways to do it through makeup and James is like “I want to lose the weight myself – I can lose 50 pounds during shooting.” And he did it. In a two month period he went from one of the healthiest people I knew to being so skinny he looked like was hanging onto his shoulders keeping him standing. 99.99% of the actors out there couldn’t do something like that even if you held a gun to their head. I remember James going toe to toe with Gary Busey and Gary grabbing him by the shoulders at the end of the take and saying that in over 40 years in the business that James…

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