Ex TV Producer Bites Back At Bullies With Debut Novel

“This novel, although fictional, shares a story on workplace bullying that unfortunately too many people, in EVERY industry, can relate to. I intend to use this as a voice for the bullied and the broken” said Miriam.

“As a journalist, I always wanted my stories to mean something so when I moved to a law firm and began working as a Media Advisor, I was suddenly exposed to all of these horrific accounts of workplace bullying.

While I couldn’t tell client stories, this was a way to tell a tale to change the tide and to hopefully empower young people in the workplace to stand up for themselves in any degrading situation.”

Louboutins, Lattes and Live TV is fictional but the message is a fact of many people’s lives.

“When I started writing this novel, I looked for support groups that existed for young people in the workplace and I’m sad to say, that there are very few networks available to help workers navigate tricky workplace situations. This book is a step in that direction.”

“I hope it’s something that mothers give to their daughters to read before they enter the workforce. I hope young workers read it and see it as a tool for empowerment and I hope, that the bullies who do read this learn to reflect and change old behaviours to stop themselves from the inevitable hurt that they cause.”

Miriam is available for interviews.

Louboutins, Lattes and Live TV is available as an Ebook on Kindle and Apple Books

Tha paperback version is on sale now for $22.95 at the bookdepository.com, amazon.com & barnesandnoble.com

Copies of the book available on request.

READER REVIEW – 5 Stars on Goodreads and Amazon

“This is the perfect novel for fans of the like of The Devil Wears Prada, or for anyone who has had an absolute nightmare of a co-worker, who would throw you under bus at the blink of an eye. Many…

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