Ex-patient in pain 'would like to have known' history of dentist now facing 8 lawsuits

Kathe Atkinson still gets random, shooting pain down the side of her face — three years after visiting a Surrey, B.C., dentist for cosmetic work.

“I wanted to have whiter teeth. I wanted to have a nice smile. And this is what it’s gotten me — pain,” says Atkinson, tears welling up in her eyes.

Kathe Atkinson

Atkinson is one of eight patients suing the same dentist, alleging everything from poor treatment to unnecessary procedures and overbilling. (Jacy Schindel/CBC )

Atkinson’s teeth had a yellow tinge, which she says was due to excessive fluoride in the water she drank as a child in Paraguay.  

She went to see Dr. Steven Krieger at Clover Care Dental Clinic, but instead of just bonding four of her teeth to make them whiter, he suggested she return to have three mercury fillings replaced.

Clover Care dental clinic sign

Atkinson had the dental work done at Clover Care Dental Clinic in Surrey, B.C. (CBC)

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