Eric Peter Brown shares first book of Sci-Fi, Fantasy Trilogy

Eric Peter Brown wants readers to be consumed by an alien world he created, and to catapult them out of their problems and into a world that makes the readers forget their troubles and enjoy a ride of action and adventure. In “The Supremacy: The Wehtiko Influence” (published by AuthorHouse), Brown pens a book that is different from what others have written, something that he feels will resonate with most readers-an unforgettable journey.

Filled with graphic violence and adult content and language, this science-fiction/fantasy, action-adventure book centers on two factions: The Qi-Tahh, an alien military corps made up of Prides, families who are the first line of defense against whatever danger threatens their galaxy. And Marc Hawkins, the latest human selectively chosen to join their millenniums-old war, and does so reluctantly.

The first book of the trilogy, “The Supremacy: The Wehtiko Influence” brings pure creativity to readers. In this tale, two years has passed and Hawkins is under arrest for murder, sabotage and treason. Told from his viewpoint, Marc recalls the reason behind his recruitment and his first dealings with the Wehtiko, a disease that unleashes the darkest nature of those Influenced. Treatable not curable, the disease has escalated and ground zero is home to two peaceful species who has shared friendship for decades.

“It’s about family, and like family we do not get to choose who they are. It’s about learning to accept other’s differences, and teaches us that on some fundamental level we are all the same,” Brown shares.

An excerpt from this book:

“We kill when we must… Not when we wish… We are Qi-Tahh.”

“The Supremacy: The Wehtiko Influence”

By Eric Peter Brown

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 258 pages | ISBN…

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