Envisiontel Adds Storefront Capabilities to Bridge by Instructure, Creating an e-Commerce Platform to Market and Sell Courses to the Extended Enterprise


We built LMScheckout with the mission to provide users with a a storefront experience that both inspires and motivates.

Envisiontel’s cutting edge shopping cart solution, LMScheckout, provides a new opportunity for Bridge by Instructure customers to create and manage a multi-tenant e-commerce solution to sell, enroll, and deploy training content to the extended enterprise.

Like many LMS providers, the challenge of providing an e-commerce solution within Bridge is that it was designed to cater to a known, internal user: someone who has their training enrollments assigned to them from the system, often based on their role within the organization. At its most basic level, an e-commerce solution must be able to provide access to an unknown, external user: a person who needs to choose their own training.

“We built LMScheckout with a mission in mind,” commented Jonathan Turkle, vice president of Envisiontel. “Our mission is to provide external users with a robust storefront experience, one that gives individuals and stores owners all the unique transaction and enrollment tools they need, so users can design their own learning path in an environment that both inspires and motivates them.”

With the integration of LMScheckout, Bridge customers can:

  • Import their entire Bridge training catalogue into a highly customizable storefront platform.
  • Customize and group catalogs into offerings based on multiple criteria.
  • Pass student data back and forth between the Bridge LMS and the storefront.
  • Purchase and access courses or review course progress without ever having to leave the storefront environment.
  • Manage user notifications, credit card transactions,…

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