Enjoy The Delicious Taste And Health Benefits Of Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. People of all ages right from kids to school students to teenagers and working people- all love it! Ever since its first serve, it has been welcomed by countries all over the world and the Europeans fondly refer to pizza as “the Queen” of the Mediterranean diet.

History of Pizza:

Pizza (in Latin means flatbread) was first made in Naples, Italy in 1889. Initially, it was made as round bread with basil, tomato sauce, and some cheese; the color combination of which resembled the Italian flag. They were first baked in ovens that were lit by burning woods. Some people feel that a similar kind of dish called Foccacia made in the Common Era may have lead to the idea of making pizza.

At a certain point, pizza became so popular that pizza makers took it up as a full time business. The first pizza shop named Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba still…

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