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Sugar 2.0 celebrates its 2-year anniversary this summer with major expansion to Walmart.

Healthy food shouldn’t be a privilege. We believe it should be available to everyone, regardless of economics, education or location. With Walmart’s partnership, we can help make it a reality.

Foods 2.0, LLC. is celebrating its 2-year anniversary with expansion to Walmart stores across the country. The company’s product, Sugar 2.0 + Probiotics, will be available on shelves starting in October.

It’s good timing, too. Obesity has reached epidemic levels, and health organizations are warning that serious measures must be taken. Obesity-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease are on the rise, especially in certain segments of the population. While experts have long believed that race is a major factor in obesity, recent studies indicate that income, education, and exposure to healthier food options are better predictors.

Lower-income neighborhoods often have limited access to quality produce, and are exposed more frequently to pervasive marketing of high-calorie, low-nutrition foods. In many communities, there exists a common misconception that healthy foods are more expensive. However, according to the Harvard School of Public Health and a 2014 article in Money Magazine (1, 2), the additional cost of healthier groceries comes out to around just $550 per family per year. Those savings, unfortunately, are easily outweighed by the true costs of eating unhealthy foods, like higher medical bills, increased insurance premiums, and more sick days away from work. Unhealthy diets also tend to include more fast food and ready-to-eat meals, which are often more expensive than home-cooked meals.

The mission of Foods 2.0 is to…

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