DVQ 3.0: The latest evolution in fantasy football draft strategy

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In a world where the third time seldom is the charm, when source material often devolves into convoluted chaos, when the expansion of combinatorial storylines undermine the value of the product, a madman has defied the odds. But not just any madman, a Fantasy Madman.

In the fight to engineer a world-beating system to fantasy football draft strategy, the Madman has ignored complacency while avoiding the pitfalls of overcomplication. He has identified the confusing complexity of his past evaluations and has taken action. The days of sliding scales are over. The era of required cross-referencing player ratings is a thing of the past. This is a new world of player rankings.

This is the DVQ 3.0.

Sometimes, simpler is better.

We’ve seen it before: a disappointing third installment of a beloved franchise. “The Dark Knight” trilogy’s weakest entry was the third. “Spider-man 3” was a disaster, as well as the third “X-Men” or “Matrix” movies — the list of part-three disappointments is long. Heck, a third presidential term isn’t even allowed.

But the Madman, he perseveres. Past incarnations of the draft value equation (DVQ) have been functional but admittedly overly complex. With this, the third edition, we make it easier. This third entry is more “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” than “Godfather Part 3.” It is the pinnacle of the DVQ thus far.

In the past, the DVQ addressed draft value with a sliding scale. Each player was evaluated based on projected results compared with their average draft position. It worked; we’re proud. But it wasn’t as helpful as we wanted. The ratings varied based on where in the draft you were targeting a player, and it admittedly required cross-referencing to understand player-to-player comparisons.

But that was like going to a restaurant that only serves dishes a la carte. Even if the food is great, “Give me a No. 8” is easier and quicker than…

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