DudeRobe™ Introduces a Fashion Friendly Robe Designed Specifically for Today’s Man

We re-designed and re-engineered the robe into something today’s guys will actually want to wear- something that’s absorbent and also looks cool.

DudeRobe has raised over $45K on Kickstarter and fully funded in just two days. Product Developer Howie Busch created the robe because he wanted a manlier bathrobe he wouldn’t mind being seen in. The robe comes in a variety of styles including the classic robe, over-the-head hoodie, pants and shorts, all of which are hoodie material on the outside and towel material on the inside.

“We re-designed and re-engineered the robe into something today’s guys will actually want to wear — something that’s absorbent and also looks cool,” said inventor Howie Busch. “We designed DudeRobe to be truly versatile. You can wear it for lounging, but also when you walk the dog or get your morning coffee. Honestly, it’s perfect for all dude activities, like after the gym or the beach. Why ruin your car seat when the DudeRobe can soak up all that sweat, water and sand,” Busch continued.    

There are no good options for men’s robes on the market today. The only alternative is the boring and oversized unisex robe. DudeRobe addresses this problem by expanding the options of robes and loungewear available to men.

Plus, DudeRobe is the only robe and loungewear specifically designed by men for men. Features include guy staples like extra pockets, a loose fit and button fly. The premium cotton exterior lined with ultra-absorbent terry cloth means this is not the average robe, so it doesn’t need to stay in the house. Both functional and fashionable, DudeRobe lets dudes be dudes without looking kind of strange in a traditional bathrobe, just the way dudes want it.    

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