Does Mike Leach’s endorsement of Donald Trump influence his recruits?

The Washington State coach says it doesn’t and a national director of recruiting says politics is probably way down on a list of factors for most football players being recruited.

There has been no ambiguity, no vacillation, no doubt at all about Mike Leach’s feelings toward Donald Trump. Since the early stages of Trump’s campaign, the Washington State football coach has been among his more vocal supporters.

But as the most divisive presidential race in recent memory hits quadruple-digit temperatures, one can’t help but wonder: Could Leach’s endorsement have any effect on his recruiting?

It’s rare that college coaches reveal their political leanings, and fear of alienation is usually the reason why. Back in October of 1984, Washington coach Don James appeared with Ronald Reagan at a campaign rally, only to have UW president William Gerberding reprimand him later….

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