Do fidget spinners help kids with ADHD?

Fidget spinners are everywhere these days. You can buy them on any street corner for a few dollars, and both kids and adults are obsessed with them. The companies that make these hot new gadgets claim they help relieve stress and anxiety and can help kids with ADHD focus. David Anderson, PhD, a clinical psychologist from the Child Mind Institute, shares his thoughts on spinners.

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They’re a toy. They’re a gag gift. Not so much a treatment.

My name is Dr. Dave Anderson. I’m  a clinical psychologist who trained and specializing in treatment for ADHD and behavior disorders.

Fidget spinners are a new craze similar to the slime craze earlier this year, where you have a couple arms, a little device that spins while you hold it. It has kind of this gyroscopic feel where you’re balancing it, maybe you could do some tricks with it.

This is a fidget spinner.

They’re easy to buy, they’re on every street corner, and there’s a sense that, you know, to be cool you need to have one.

So the great thing about fidget spinners is that they’ve brought the discussion for what works for ADHD or what might work for anxiety or stress relief to the forefront, which is great for us to have. The only issue is they have about as much scientific evidence for stress relief or for treatment of anxiety and ADHD as a pet rock.

They’re a toy. They’re not a treatment.

So the thing is there’s no psychologically recommended gadget. There are only gadgets that fall in line with scientifically-based psychological principles.

So the idea is for a kid experiencing stress, or anxiety, or depression, or ADHD, we might create, say, a coping kit for that child, when they’re experiencing certain amounts of stress. That might include music to listen to. It might include a stress ball tho squeeze. It might include something to remind them to breathe or to practice a mindfulness strategy.

But it’s really…

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