Delta Air Lines Refunds Ann Coulter $30 After Twitter Complaints

She added, “@Delta sucks.”

Ms. Coulter went on to complain that Delta “spends all this $$$ on beautiful aircraft & then hire Nurse Ratchets as flight attendants & gate agents,” a reference to Nurse Ratched, the character known to be an overly strict enforcer of the rules in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

She even posted on Twitter a photo of the passenger she said had taken her seat.

In a statement, repeated on Twitter, the airline criticized Ms. Coulter for “posting derogatory and slanderous comments and photos in social media” about its employees and customers. Delta said it was “disappointed” in Ms. Coulter and called her actions “unnecessary and unacceptable.”

The airline said it would refund her $30 for the preferred seat she bought, adding, “Delta expects mutual civility throughout the entire travel experience.”

She ridiculed the $30 refund, saying on Twitter that it cost her $10,000 of her time to select the seat she wanted, investigate the type of plane and periodically review seat options.

In an email on Monday, she wrote: “I spent time ‘reserving’ — that term has a flexible meaning at Delta — a specific seat, and that’s my hourly rate. I looked up the aircraft, considered my options and booked the seat I wanted. I checked back to see how the flight was filling up to review my options again. I had reasons for choosing 15D, not 15A, or any other seat.”

The airline’s statement appeared only to incense Ms. Coulter, who continued the fight late into Sunday night and early Monday morning.

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