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Common diseases are becoming harder to treat, and it is getting even more difficult with antibiotic resistance on the rise. However, a group of Del Mar College students think they have found a solution.

The Biotechnology students believe they can fight antibiotic resistant bacteria using viruses. Their idea could change the medical landscape: they have the ears of U.S. Congress Members next month. 

Antiobiotics were once revolutionary in the fight against diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia, but they today are becoming less and less effective.

“We’ve really started encountering some big problems with having infections that we cannot treat,” student John Ramirez said. 

However, the students think they have created a product to change that. They have named it EnteroSword. 

“It’s a detergent, so that’s similar to that of soap,” Reavelyn Pray say. 

The product contains viruses that would specifically attack antibiotic resistant bacteria. It would not be used on humans, but could treat hospitals, where there is a high concentration of antibiotic resistant bacteria. 

“If we can actually treat the setting where antibacterial resistance is persisting and growing because of the antibiotics used there, then we can help mitigate the actual contraction of infections in the first place. In the setting that we are going to use it, it can help reduce the use of antibiotics,” Pray said. 

There could also be a huge financial impact. It costs $90 billion a year to handle hospital-related infections, and the students think hospitals could invest in the product to stop those infections from spreading.. 

“Financially it’s huge!  There’s a huge financial or business aspect to this besides the science,” Danial Naser Azadani said. 

From here the students will travel to Capitol Hill to present their product stakeholders and members of Congress. The trip comes after they became finalists in the National Science Foundation Community College…

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