David Essex wants to top the book charts with a novel inspired by an meeting with the Krays

David Essex looks back on his Rock God years with an air of mild bewilderment. He vaguely remembers attending the 17th Annual Grammy Awards in 1975 at the Uris Theatre in New York City, alongside David Bowie, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. 

‘I nipped outside the theatre, probably for a fag, and got engulfed by hundreds of autograph-hunters. Just then a limo pulled up, the window went down and a voice said, “David, get in.” It was John Lennon. So I got in. He sort of saved me. I think we popped over to his flat in the Dakota building. Or maybe we went out to a nightclub.’

It seems incredible that he can’t clearly recollect a car ride with a rock ’n’ roll behemoth.

‘Terrible, isn’t it?’ he puzzles. ‘I was always a little detached from the “famous” aspect of it all – fame and fortune was really a peripheral thing, it was never a reason. I was never one of…

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