Daddy’s home: Millennial fathers amp up parenting

Tony Dokoupil takes a Father’s Day look at a new generation of devoted Dads: 

Don’t let the sport coat fool you — Simon Isaacs is ready for the playground. He’s with his two-year-old daughter Kaia, selling imaginary tacos.

And while Simon’s afternoon with her may not look like much, certainly no more than what many moms do every day, the 36-year-old entrepreneur sees it as a small act of revolution.

Dokoupil asked, “When you talk about a social movement, are we witnessing it right here? Two guys on a weekday in a playground?”

“You know, in itself, it’s not a revolutionary act,” Jacobs replied, only somewhat distracted by Kaia. “But the impact of all of it is revolutionary together — guys involved in their kids’ lives in a really deep way — need help? — who can only finish half-sentences, because that’s what parenting is about.”

America’s biggest group of new fathers – millennials – are more involved with their kids than ever before.

CBS News

Isaacs’ other “baby” is a website. He’s co-founder of Fatherly, a compendium of practical parenting advice aimed at America’s biggest group of new dads: Millennials.

“The truth is, 80 percent of millennial dads, 80 percent of dads that were born after 1980, claim that they’re the primary grocery shopper, which sort of blows people’s minds when it comes to thinking about what is really happening around the household,” he said.

Isaacs says today’s new dads are different. Nearly two-thirds of households with kids have two working spouses, and as women have pushed into the workforce, dads have pushed onto the playground.

Or at least they’ve tried to. “The number one source of stress, it’s basically understanding that we have to work no matter what,” said young dad Jairo Meija. “I would love to spend more time with him and sometimes I can’t.”

A Boston College study out this week found most dads (66%) believe childcare should be evenly divided….

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