Couple claims Yukon senior’s house was a ‘gift’, and sue for access – North

A Yukon social worker and her husband are suing a Dawson City senior for allegedly barring them entry to a home they say she gave them as a “gift.”

Eighty-year-old Daniele McRae, meanwhile, says she was misled by the couple into signing away part of the title for her house, in 2009. She now wants the title transfer declared invalid.

The couple, Angela and Michael Senft, did not pay for the house, which is a modified mobile home. But they insist they are now legal owners and McRae must allow them access to the property.   

The senior’s refusal amounts to “wrongful interference” with their right to possession, the Senfts claim.

The case was filed before Yukon Supreme Court on Oct. 23. 

None of the Senft’s allegations have been tested in court.

‘Emotionally vulnerable’ senior 

McRae has lived on Lot 12 of the Dome Road in Dawson City since she bought the house with her husband in 1989. 

Her husband Allen McRae died in 2007. 

McRae’s statement of defence says she was “in an emotionally vulnerable state” and also required help living alone on the semi-rural property after his death.

According to the statement, McRae then met Angela Senft “in her capacity as a social worker” with the Yukon government. She was later introduced to Senft’s husband Michael.

Court documents say the couple befriended McRae, and provided help such as driving her into town on occasion. 

The Senfts also claim they did repairs to McRae’s house, and helped with the upkeep — though the value of this help is disputed in court filings.

Within a year of befriending the Senfts, McRae began signing different legal documents. She agreed to include the couple in her will, promising them the house after her death. 

She then granted them power of attorney.

In 2009, McRae signed a transfer giving them legal title to her house.

The Certificate of Title for the property now shows McRae and the Senfts all listed as joint owners of the estate….

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