Confessions on the Potential Dangers of Holistic Medicine

Sharing her personal experiences of survival, June B. Schmidt warns of the potential dangers and unscrupulous practices associated with holistic medicine in her confessional book “The Horrors of Holistic Medicine.”

For 16 years, Schmidt was a patient at a clinic run by doctors associated with the American Holistic Medical Association (AMHA). After being treated for various ailments without improvement, she went to a hematologist and discovered that her health problems were much more severe than her holistic doctors had ever determined.

“I survived holistic medicine and I think God put me in the wrong place for the right reason,” said Schmidt. “I have tried to write my story as a mystery with the reader travelling through the ‘discovery process’ with me.”

“The Horrors of Holistic Medicine” shows Schmidt’s personal struggle to “wholeness” once she realized the harm her holistic doctors’ unholy practices had inflicted on her body. Only with the help of new, competent doctors and a great deal of prayer was she able to achieve wellness and forgive her unscrupulous doctors.

“The Horrors of Holistic Medicine”

By June B. Schmidt

ISBN: 9781512769289 (hardcover); 9781512769272 (softcover); 9781512769265 (eBook)

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and WestBow Press

About the author

Once June B. Schmidt realized how unprofessionally her doctors had treated her, she wanted to expose their unholy practices to prevent other patients from suffering. She wrote an article published in the Journal of Christian Nursing, exposing their deceptive practices. Later, the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) used Schmidt’s article to respond to inquiries about holistic medicine. The article also became a chapter in a textbook for high…

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