ROSWELL, Ga – A sign along Georgia 400 has raised some eyebrows and prompted some drivers to ask if golf carts are allowed on the busy, multi-lane highway.

The answer is an emphatic “no”, and the city of Roswell has an explanation for the sign near the exit to Holcomb Bridge Road.

The sign carries a picture of a golf cart, and reads, “PTVs are authorized for use on public streets.”

A driver reached out to our Commuter Dude, questioning the placement of the sign along Georgia 400.

Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes reached out to the city of Roswell. Director of Transportation Steve Acenbrak explained that the sign is required under state law to inform drivers that golf carts are allowed on certain streets within the city of Roswell.

A PTV is a Personal Transportation Vehicle or any 4-wheeled vehicle that travels less than 20-miles-an-hour. A recent Georgia law allows local jurisdictions to designate certain streets where you can use a PTV. The law limits PTV use to neighborhood streets where the speed limit is 25-miles-an-hour, which would mean they aren’t allowed on highways like Georgia 400.

The law also requires cities like Roswell to post signs “on the corporate limits” along state highways to inform drivers that PTVs are allowed on certain streets.

Those certain streets do not include Georgia…