Cellistan Allows Pakistan’s Customers to Buy PS4 & Xbox Consoles and Games

Xbox and Playstation Pakistan

We share the idea of the global economy and wish to bring the best of the gaming industry to every part of Pakistan. I think this is a prime step toward the globalization of eCommerce

You can now buy Playstation 4 and Xbox in Pakistan. Bitcoin surpassed gold for the first time in the currency’s history. It’s been referred to as “digital gold” by investors. The eCommerce industry is supportive of the currency. In comparison to credit card fees, Bitcoin payments won’t carry hefty transaction fees and will process faster. Bitcoin is the foundation of blockchain technology, with IBM and Microsoft acting as key vendors in the advancement, research, and testing phases.

Cellistan is becoming an on-demand game merchandising storefront that sells mobiles, tablets, anker products, gift cards and gaming systems in Pakistan. By offering Bitcoin as a payment option, consumers who didn’t have access to international currencies now have access to gaming merchandise at worldwide competitive rates. Pakistanis who were previously unable to make gaming purchases from Cellistan can visit the Cellistan.com eCommerce store, the first of its kind to accept Bitcoin payments.

Offering to accept payments in the popular cryptocurrency highlights the company’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to international buyers. While eCommerce stores have been slow to embrace Bitcoin currency, Cellistan takes pride in being the country’s first gaming supplier to make the leap, making niche gaming products and equipment available to buyers on the world stage.

Although the company is based in Islamabad, they remain focused on a global client base. The rise of Bitcoin has been on their radar for a while, and after companies like…

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