Carnival accident: State revokes license to operate Phoenix Wheel; carnival set to reopen | News

Funtastic Carnival’s license to operate the Phoenix Wheel – more commonly referred to as a Ferris wheel – was revoked Friday by the state Department of Labor & Industries, according to L&I spokesman Matthew Erlich.

All other rides have been inspected and Jefferson County Administrator Philip Morley said Friday afternoon that the carnival would be allowed to reopen today.

“A state licensed ride inspector inspected – at our request – inspected all of the rides of Funtastic earlier today and has provided an inspection report indicating they meet all safety requirements,” Morley said.

“We have notified the carnival company that that was a necessary thing in order to re-open the carnival and without it they would not be able to reopen,” Morley said.

By law, the Funtastic Carnival is required to send L&I a report of any incident involving injuries within 24 hours of the incident, Erlich said.

“Because of what occurred [Thursday] we do have the authority to revoke the permit for that ride and we are writing a letter as we speak sending the letter to Funtastic to do that,” said Erlich. “What we will require is that the ride be repaired and inspected before it can operate again,” he said.

Erlich said Richard Spromberg, who The Leader quoted in an earlier report, is certified as a state ride inspector but that he an employee of Funtastic, not an L&I employee.

“Certainly an accident like this is very unfortunate,” Morley said. “Nobody wants to see something like that happen to anyone, nor should it. That’s why we insisted on an inspection of all the rides before they could reopen.”

Ronald E. Burback, president of Funtastic Ride Inc., which operates Funtastic Carnival, wrote in a report today to L&I that “eyewitness accounts at this time seem to suggest something other than equipment failure that attributed…

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