‘By no means are we Fort Knox:’ Break-in at Moncton food bank sparks call for help – New Brunswick

The people who run Moncton’s food bank say it is shocking that someone would steal from the Peter McKee Community Food Centre, but that’s exactly what happened over the weekend.

Ben MacMichael, the operations manager, discovered the break-in when he stopped in Sunday morning to plant some vegetables in the garden outside.

“You could see the front greeting desk was all tore apart,” he said. “There was papers everywhere and the drawers were all ripped open and then I came in further, and I could see they had tried to hack my door.

“They didn’t get into my office but they got five of our laptop computers out front … they were looking for money but we don’t usually have money on hand.”

Food Depot Alimentaire president Dale Hicks says it is frustrating that a break-in has forced staff to spend their time filing police reports and dealing with insurance companies when the food bank should be focused on helping people in need. (CBC)

Dale Hicks, president of Moncton-based Food Depot Alimentaire, the distribution centre for food banks in the province, said RCMP are investigating, and staff from the Peter McKee centre will meet with the insurance company today.

“There’s a drug problem in the city, and so a lot of these break-ins are associated with that — you know they’re grabbing things like computers to try and take them somewhere and pawn them off for 50 bucks,” Hicks said.

Understands desperation

Hicks said a security system for the building was part of future plans, but he was hoping to wait until renovations to the centre had been completed.

‘It is discouraging and the first thing that I thought of was the volunteers who put all of the hours into this place.’
– Ben MacMichael

MacMichael is frustrated that money that could have been used to buy food for clients will now go toward repairing the damage, replacing computers and improving the security of the building.

Someone tried to break into one of the offices at the Peter…

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