Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant in New York

Are you a woman unhappy or ashamed of your small, uneven or too big breasts? Is your breast size and shape affecting your confidence in personal and public life? If the answer for these questions is yes, it is time for you think about a breast enhancement surgery.

Why Women do Breast Augmentation?

Women do Breast Augmentation due to aesthetic or medical reasons. Some may want to balance the size or mass of their sagging breast after pregnancy and delivery, some may be unhappy with the hereditary hug, small, uneven size of their breasts and some may want to correct congenital defects. Breast Enhancement Surgery can give you proportionate, full, firm and natural looking breasts.

What is Breast Implant?

Breast Augmentation is done using Breast Implant. Breast implant means implanting silicone shells filled with either saline water or silicone gel. Both implants are safe. Yet your doctor can advice you the best suitable option for you. The implant is done using minimal invasive surgical process. It will be implanted through creating unnoticeable pockets near the breast so that the surgical scars will not be easily visible. It may be near the armpit or areola. During the surgery the implants are placed behind breasts underneath the tissue of each breast or on the chest wall muscle. Doing Breast Lifting along with Breast Augmentation will give better results.

How Long will it Take?

The breast augmentation surgical procedure will take maximum two hours. It is done after giving general anesthesia. After the implanting, the incisions are stitched and bandaged. A week after surgery bandages will be replaced with surgical bra. Any surgery related pain or swelling will reduce in few weeks after the surgery. Scars will start diminishing starting from a months’ time and it will be least visible after a few years.

Does it involve any complication?

Breast Augmentation surgery have usually minimal post surgical complications. Complications are usually uncommon. Capsular…

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