The plane is designed to compete with rival Airbus.

Boeing unveiled plans for a newer and bigger version of its 737 Max aircraft as it intensifies its battle with Airbus in the market for narrow-body passenger jets.

Boeing made the announcement for its new “737 Max 10” Monday at the Paris Air Show. The stretched Max 10 will become the latest variant in Boeing’s 737 Max family, which also includes the smaller Max 7, Max 8 and Max 9 types.

“Our customers told us to build it bigger,” Boeing Commercial Airplane CEO Kevin McAllister said to CNN on Monday about the newest version of the 737 Max.

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The Max 10 variant becomes the latest in Boeing’s efforts to update its workhorse 737 model. Boeing says it will seat 188 passengers in a typical two-class layout, though it could hold up to 230 in a “high-density” configuration. That’s about 10 passengers more than similar capacities for the Max 9 and about about 30 more than the Max 8, according to the jetmaker.

The Max 10 is aimed largely at rival Airbus and its updated A320neo family of narrowbody planes that are a direct competitor to Boeing’s 737. While the 737 remains the best-selling commercial aircraft of all time, Airbus recently has enjoyed an edge in the market for such singe-aisle jets, “outselling the U.S. plane maker roughly five to one in sales for the biggest single-aisle jets,” according to CNN.

Aviation Week adds Boeing’s “additional stretch (for the Max 10) takes overall length to 143 feet and increasing two-class capacity to 189 passengers, compared to 193 for its arch-rival, the Airbus A321neo.”

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