Bill Howe Creates Advanced Onboarding Driving Program for New Employees

It also allows us the opportunity to instill the highest standards of safety for our team while they are driving in our community.

Bill Howe started his San Diego plumbing company in 1980 with just one truck. In the past 37 years, he has grown the company into one of the largest family-owned and operated companies serving the community in plumbing, heating & air, and restoration & flood remediation with over 175 employees across their three divisions. In 2016, they were chosen as San Diego’s Best Plumbers, HVAC company, and Contractor by the Union Tribune Readers Poll.

Since his first hire, Bill Howe has focused on safety and training within the company. The company has a long history with the San Diego Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors Association and Academy (PHCC-SD) where they send their plumbers through the 4-year Journeyman Program, and they are proponents of all plumbers having the proper training and license to ensure safety and the highest level of care for their customers.

They also have a rigorous safety training schedule that is mandatory for every field employee and they have implemented safety inspections for every field employee each month. In addition to plumbing education and training, the company has also implemented an onboarding driving program for all drivers ensuring that they begin employment with an experience that establishes safety, expectations, and creates connections.

The Advanced Onboarding Driving Program is the first step before a new driver is given the keys to a Bill Howe vehicle. The Risk Manager has the opportunity to set up the basic expectations for safety, company policies while promoting communication between management and the drivers. From the beginning, it is important to set up the…

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