Author Jim Griffith’s Newly Released “35 Degrees North” Follows Detective Jonathan Rizzo as He Unravels the Deadliest of Conspiracies

“35 Degrees North”: Detective Jonathan Rizzo uncovers the deadly secrets of Quest. “35 Degrees North” is the creation of published author, Jim Griffith. Jim was born in NYC as the youngest of five siblings. His father was an NYC cop. Both parents agreed that their children would be better off living outside of the City, so he was moved upstate where he attended Shaker High School. He went on to study at HVCC where he majored in science. He also studied electrical engineering and thermodynamics. After college, he started his own business. He currently writes full-time. He enjoys kickboxing, Krav maga self-defense training, and working out every day. He believes strongly in the US Constitution. He also believes every American has a duty to know the American roots and the Founding Fathers.

“Rizzo will find himself on a rollercoaster ride, wondering where the off ramp is and why every lead is turning out to be a dead end.” –Jim Griffith

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jim Griffith’s new book is a roller coaster ride into the deadliest of conspiracy.

Thirty-five degrees North is the coordinate of a research and development company’s headquarters. Quest has managed to stretch its tentacles across the globe. It hopes to use human DNA to eventually engineer a super soldier. In the meantime, it is also studying the CRISPR/Cas 9 genome rewriting program as part of an effort to develop a new, deadlier biowarfare agent. This agent is a bacterium capable of infecting and killing billions of people.

Unknown to them, Quest’s research is on a collision course with two of New York City’s finest detectives. Detective Jonathan Rizzo and his partner, JoAnn Wagner, have just been assigned to a set of unusual homicides. Detective Rizzo…

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