Author Bonnell Leon Patrick’s New Book “God vs. Money” is a Gripping Tale Driven by Faith and Eminent Philosophical and Religious Dilemma in Society

Author Bonnell Leon Patrick, a married man with a three-year-old son, has completed his new book, “God vs. Money”: a fascinating story of Patrick’s creed that highlights the philosophical quandaries our society currently faces.

Patrick loves spending time with his family, but devotes his life spreading the Lord’s word through his passion for writing and human interactions. In this book, Patrick shares his discernment of the world, providing the reader with a subjective perspective on God, Satan, and their sons. Patrick’s beliefs do not stray from the core tenants, yet his reflections focus on the pillars of capitalism and the consequences that come from a society infatuated with money. Patrick gives the reader his version of the truth through his lens of clarity, discernment, and everlasting faith in Jesus Christ.

Patrick investigates “the evil” in mainstream social thought and calls into question the impact and consequences of money in society. He sees money as a divisive tool that perpetuates hatred and evil. His book illustrates this on multiple levels, highlighting its forces on human beings and the construction of a capitalistic regime. Patrick’s faith in Christ drives him to share his beliefs with the world through his teachings and writings as he prays for a world rid of capitalism’s sinister consequences.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Bonnell Leon Patrick’s powerful book brings readers to the crux of a most powerful philosophical dilemma. Through his belief in the Lord, Patrick’s teaches and elaborates on the Lord’s true nature and the eternal conflict with Satan’s spawn– money.

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