Auckland mum receives $28k of dental work for free to fix crooked teeth

In recent years, teeth have become the new status symbol or the best way to display your wealth and health. 

No one knows this more than the New Zealand-based mother of four, Shontelle Crosby, who grabbed the attention of a local radio station on account of her mangled mouth, and later had her smile fixed by a dental company for free.

Ms Crosby, who struggled with confidence her entire life after she was born with too many teeth and a too-small jaw, was gifted an incredible new smile thanks to an appearance on the radio station based in Auckland, MoreFM.

Her extensive dental work was valued at around NZ $30,000 or AUD $28,000.

According to the 33-year-old, she is delighted with the results of the three-month-long process, which saw Ms Crosby have 20 teeth pulled, four fillings, four cleans and complete top and partial bottom dentures made.

Mangled mouth: Shontelle Crosby always struggled with a lack of self confidence, on account of her crooked smile (pictured) - she was born with too many teeth and a jaw that was too small

Mangled mouth: Shontelle Crosby…

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