Are You At Risk For Identity Theft? How To Avoid Being Hacked

How much care do you take to make sure your most valuable information is secure? If your answer is “very little,” or “I’m too lazy,” you’re far from alone.

More than one in eight Americans have had their identities stolen at some point in their lives, according to a new study from consumer financial services company Bankrate published Tuesday. More than one in seven people know someone who has suffered identity theft.

But Americans aren’t taking much precaution to avoid such hacks, according to the study. A whopping 42 percent of respondents said they didn’t regularly check their credit reports, 38 percent logged into their bank accounts using unsecure WiFi networks and 28 percent said they used the same password for all or most of their accounts.

Millennials, who skew less adept and more tech-friendly when it comes to personal finance, were the study’s worst…

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