Alabama Artist Young Holma Drops His Latest Project “Holma Illustrated”

Coming out of Phenix City, AL and inspired largely by life stories and experiences as a student-athlete at Purdue University, rapper Young Holma recently dropped his latest mixtape project, “Holma Ilustrated.” The mixtape is currently available to stream and download on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.

Holma began his career as an artist and songwriter in May of 2015, when he realized his passion and ability to translate his feelings into music. For four years as a collegiate student-athlete at Purdue, Young Holma relentlessly chased his childhood dreams of becoming a professional athlete. Things did not go as planned however, triggering Holma to soon after begin writing about his experience; frustrated by continuous preparation and lack of opportunity. Holma’s first official studio track was a diss song, which was motivated by his coaches at Purdue.

Holma brings you his first official mixtape as a recent college graduate, graduating from Purdue University in December of 2015 and Jacksonville State University in April 2017. He aims to illustrate by bringing a different approach to the rap game as a former student-athlete who can “do it all.” Holma gives a voice to current and former collegiate students/student-athletes, and individuals in general who are hesitant to express their versatility in regards to what others may think. Holma wants his followers to know that going to school and receiving a free education on a full-ride athletic scholarship does not exclude you from being “cool.” It is still possible to achieve financial prosperity and live an enjoyable lifestyle without being in the streets. This is the image that Holma hopes to illustrate.

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