Airports so beautiful you’ll WANT to be delayed: The world's most spectacular terminals revealed


No one particularly likes airports, particularly when flights are delayed and tempers are frayed.

But at least if you find yourself waiting around at one of these architectural anomalies you’ll have a spectacular view to admire. 

China’s Shezhen Bao’an airport, for example, was designed by architects who built it to evoke the image of a manta ray, and ‘to celebrate the emotion and fantasy of a flight’.

Or Russia’s Pulkovo International Airport in St Petersburg, which boasts a newly contrived ‘envelope’ roof, an elegant structure designed to accommodate the region’s heavy winter snowfalls.

And while the Queen Tamar Airport, located in Georgia’s medieval town of Mestia, measures only 2,700 square foot, it’s a treat to behold – built to look like a spaceship that has just landed in the snow.

Showcased in a new book, The Art of the Airport, these terminals feel much more like modern art…

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